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Highest Quality, Hand-Picked Jeep Parts & Accessories Shipped to Your Door
Highest Quality, Hand-Picked Jeep Parts & Accessories Shipped to Your Door

Traction Boards I Military Green- (set of 2)

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We like traction. Traction is good. Especially when traction isn’t so good. Or something like that? The point is, you never know when you are gonna get caught in a situation in which your traction is compromised and you need some extra help.

They are fabulous for getting your vehicle unstuck from the snow, ice, mud, sand, etc.


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    • BEST SELLER – tested tough and overbuilt to last for many years

    • TRACTION BOARDS – help you get your vehicle unstuck from snow, ice, sand, mud and other slippery situations

    • OFF-ROAD TRACTION BOARDS – multi-use means these can be used off-road or on for Trucks, Jeeps, SUV’s, cars, ATV’s, UTV’s, or almost any other vehicle

    • CAPACITY – made of vehicle-grade, high quality polypropylene and built to withstand abuse from the heaviest vehicles – up to 3 tons

    • XL DESIGN – our traction boards are oversized on purpose – as each one measures a full 43″ long x 13″ wide to provide maximum traction runway

    • DIMENSIONS – 43″ x 13″ x 5″

    • WEIGHT – 12.5lbs

    • COLOR – Military Green

    • TWO (2) RECOVERY TRACTION BOARDS INCLUDED – because most recovery situations call for 1 board for for each tire

    • CARRYING BAG INCLUDED – we’ve gone ahead and included a really nice, heavy duty, carrying case to keep your traction boards safely stowed and ready to go when needed

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