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Highest Quality, Hand-Picked Jeep Parts & Accessories Shipped to Your Door
Highest Quality, Hand-Picked Jeep Parts & Accessories Shipped to Your Door

Alpine PSS-24WRA Complete Sound System Upgrade | '18-'23 JL Wrangler/ '20+ JT Gladiator

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300-Watt Complete Sound Upgrade Package for the 2018 - Up Jeep® Wrangler and 2020 – Up Jeep® Gladiator


We introduce the now compatible with the factory premium amplified systems, our amp bypass harness option.  Regardless if you have the factory amplified system or not, our bundle is compatible with your Jeep.  If you have the factory amplified system (subwoofer in the rear of the Jeep) simply select the amplifier bypass harness in the checkout and we'll include the Plug and Play harness to bypass your factory amplifier AND utilize the factory speaker wires.  This is compatible with factory radios with the use of a PAC Aampro module, or aftermarket radios without a PAC module. 


Check out our 100% plug and play no cutting option pods.  We've preloaded the plug and play speaker pods with a set of S-Series 6.5" coaxial speakers and a set of 1" SPV-10TW-WRA tweeters to provide you with a simple to install soundbar speaker upgrade.  Select to substitute for the plug and play pods at checkout and we'll take of the rest.  Your pods will come pre-loaded and ready to install with absolutely no cutting at all!  


Your Jeep® begs for top-off drives, whether cruising down the highway or weaving through trails, so you need a sound system that delivers music for all your adventures. The PSS-24WRA is a 300-Watt Complete Sound System Upgrade Package for the four-door, non-amplified, or AMPLIFIED 2018 – 2023 Jeep® Wrangler and non-amplified, or AMPLIFIED  2020 – Up Jeep® Gladiator.

  • Installation Note: On 2-door Wranglers, the PSS-24WRA will fit 2019 and newer Jeeps ONLY. It is not compatible with two-door Wranglers that have scissor style seat brackets, so it will not fit the 2018 2-door Wrangler JL. 
  • Estimated Installation Time: 8 Hours 
  • Installation Guide
    • Complete, five-channel powered sound system upgrade package  
    • Compatible with four-door, non-amplified 2018 - Up Jeep® Wrangler and non-amplified 2020 – Up Jeep® Gladiator
    • Also compatible with two-door, non-scissor front seats in 2019 - Up Jeep® Wrangle
    • Includes Alpine’s SPV-65X-WRA, SPV-65-JLT, PWE-S8, and KTP-445U
    • 180W, 4-channel Power Pack amplifier
    • 120W, 8” powered subwoofer
    • (2x) 6.5” weather-resistant mid-bass drivers
    • (2x) 1” weather-resistant teteron dome
    • tweeters with vehicle-specific connectors and crossovers
    • Vehicle specific front speaker pods with vehicle-specific connectors
    • Tweeter adapter plates allow for use of the original factory tweeter locations
    • SPV-65-JLT weather-resistant rear soundbar speaker system
    • Rugged, premium grills designed to emulate the factory look and appeal
    • Vehicle-specific connectors for plug-and-play speaker installation 
    • Utilizes factory bolt locations
    • Durable stamped, steel frame speaker basket design
      Includes template for mounting
    • Vehicle specific T-harness for installation with OEM radio into compatible 2018 – 2023 Jeep® Wrangler and 2020 – Up Jeep® Gladiator vehicles
    • Vehicle specific mounting brackets allow for the powered sub and amp to be secured under the passenger seat without drilling
    • (2x) 6.5" S-Series coaxial 2-way speaker (if plug and play pods selected)
    • (2x) 1" weather-resistant teteron dome (if plug and play pods selected)


      Go beyond your wildest expectations for sound with this complete sound upgrade package. The PSS-24WRA has 5-channels of powered sound that replaces your factory system. The package includes two sets of 6.5” weather-resistant mid-bas drivers and 1” weather-resist tweeters that replace the front and rear soundbar factory speakers, an 8” powered, compact subwoofer and a 4-channel power pack amplifier.


      The PSS-24WRA sound system is tuned for the unique cabin environment of the 2018 - 2023 Jeep® Wrangler and 2020 – Up Jeep® Gladiator. The weather-resistant speakers are designed for powerful, top-off performance that’s unhindered by weather, wind, or other noise while driving. The 6.5” mid-bass drivers bring out the full potential of your sound, while the tweeters capture the high frequencies often lost in music reproduction. The 8” compact subwoofer adds deep, accurate bass that grounds your sound system.


      Vehicle-specific speaker connectors and pods designed for the 2018 - 2023 Jeep® Wrangler and 2020 – Up Jeep® Gladiator are included for plug-and-play installation. Tweeter adapter plates use the original factory tweeter locations to take the guesswork out of installation. Vehicle-specific mounting brackets are included to secure the 8” compact subwoofer and 4-channel amplifier under the passenger seat without drilling.


      The PSS-24WRA is compatible with the i407-WRA-JL 7-Inch Multimedia Receiver and i509-WRA-JL 9-Inch Weather-Resistant Navigation System with Off-Road Mode. The PSS-24WRA also includes a vehicle-specific T-harness for installation with the factory radio into compatible four-door, non-amplified OR amplified NEW 2018 – 2023 Jeep® Wrangler and non-amplified OR amplified 2020 – Up Jeep® Gladiator.

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    • Front (SPV-65X-WRA):

      • Power handling: 75 watts RMS (225 watts peak) 
      • Frequency response: 65kHz – 22kHz 
      • Nominal impedance: 4 ohms 
      • Weather-resistant: IP55 

      Rear (SPV-65-JLT): 

      • Power handling: 90 watts RMS (270 watts peak) 
      • Frequency response: 50kHz – 22kHz
      • Nominal impedance: 4 ohms 
      • Weather-resistant: IP55

      Powered Subwoofer (PWE-S8): 

      • 120 watts RMS (240 watts peak) 
      •  Frequency response: 32 - 150Hz 
      • Variable low-pass crossover (80-200 Hz) 
      • Variable phase control (0-180 degrees) 
      • preamp- and speaker-level inputs 

      Four Channel Power Pack Amplifier (KTP-445U): 

      • 45 watts RMS x 4 at 4 or 2 ohms 
      • 90 watts RMS x 2 bridged at 4 ohms 
      • Selectable high-pass filters (60, 80, or 120 Hz at 12 dB/octave) 
      • Switchable RCA or speaker-level inputs )


      • 27” L x 18.5” W x 19.5” H
      • 40lbs 

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      • PWE-S8 - 8” Compact Powered Subwoofer
      • SPV-65-JLT - Rear Soundbar Speakers
      • KTP-445U - 4-Channel Power Amplifier
      • SPV-65X-WRA - Front Component Speakers
      • ALP-POD-JLT - Front Speaker Pods
      • PSU-BKT-JL - Brackets (Left & Right)
      • ALP-HRN-PSU300 - Power Harness
      • ALP-THRN-CH2 - Chrysler T-Harness
      • CT6 6” Cable Ties
      • PHPSM412 Pan Head Phillips Screws (M4 x 12)
      • SLWM4 M4 Split Lock Washers
      • PHSCR832 8-32 Pan Head Phillips Screws
      • Speaker pods with S-Series S2-S65 Coaxial speaker and 1" tweeter
      • Installation Manual

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