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Highest Quality, Hand-Picked Jeep Parts & Accessories Shipped to Your Door
2007 - 2018 Jeep JK 10.1" Sony Bundle Installation Guide

2007 - 2018 Jeep JK 10.1" Sony Bundle Installation Guide

Please follow these installation tips when you're ready to install your new Sony 9500ES bundle in your 2007-2018 Jeep JK.

These tips are intended to be used in conjunction with our full installation video below:


1. The Body – Consists of the head unit, black dash kit and our custom wiring harness.

  • Make all your vehicle connections as noted in the document below.
  • All the plugs are keyed plugs, which means they only fit their match on the Jeep side. All you’re doing is matching plugs – it may look like a lot of wires but it’s simple.

2007-2017 JK Wiring Diagram


You Will Be Connecting: 

USB Retention Adapter

Navigation Antenna

Sony Microphone

AM/FM Radio Adapter

OBD2 Plug

Sirius XM Tuner (If Selected)


  • DO NOT POWER ON YOUR HEAD-UNIT BEFORE ALL CONNECTIONS ARE MADE. This will cause an error when the Maestro RR module is trying to initialize to your vehicle.

2. The 9500ES Screen – You're going to install this last.

  • Attach/slide the Sony 9500ES screen into the body.
  • After placing the Sony 9500ES screen into the body, but before securing the screws in place, test all the functions of the radio before proceeding.
  • After you confirmed that the unit functions correctly, screw in the provided 4 silver screws, securing the Sony 9500 screen to the body (2 on each side of the neck of the Sony 9500ES). For this step, we recommend you use a magnetic tip Phillips-head screwdriver if you have it, as the two outside screws are set down farther than the other two.
  • Slide the small black cover on the neck of the Sony 9500ES toward you to line up the final screw location.
  • Screw in the one black screw in the middle (in the middle of the neck of the Sony 9500ES).
  • You have completed installation of your new Sony Bundle! Congratulations!

Additional Sony Installation Tips:

  • Sirius XM Tuner - If you selected “Maintain Sirius/XM” at checkout, you’ll receive the SAT1.
    • Maestro SAT1: This will already be attached to your new Sirius/XM tuner. The tuner is located underneath the rear chassis of the Sony radio. 
      • Utilize the factory satellite antenna cable that was plugged in to the back of your factory radio to plug into the provided adapter.
      • You will not use the antenna from the SXV300 (which is located in your spare parts bag) since the SAT1 will maintain your factory satellite antenna.
      • Inside the dash you may find several square plugs of varying colors (i.e. white, gray or black).
        • White/Red – AM/FM Antenna
        • Yellow– Factory Sirius XM AntennaSirius XM Tuner with SAT1
    • If your Jeep did not come with a factory Satellite Radio option, you will need to use the provided Sirius XM antenna cable (located in the spare parts bag).

  • Sony Microphone - You will need to use the provided Sony microphone with our bundle. You will need to run the wire and plug into Red port labeled “MIC”. We recommend placing it on top of the steering column so it is out of the way and picks up less wind noise.

  • Navigation Antenna - Included in your installation parts bag is a Navigation Antenna. Use the provided antenna to plug into the back of the radio. You may choose to mount the antenna anywhere that it can receive signal. We recommend routing the antenna between the dash and the windshield and mounting on the dash.

    Navigation Antenna
  • OBD2 Plug - When you receive your bundle the OBD2 plug will be attached to the appropriate connector for reference. The OBD2 plug will need to be connected to the OBD2 port located under the steering wheel. The wire can be routed behind the dash to the back of the radio. The OBD2 is needed to be able to show vehicle diagnostics and real time data in the gauges and vehicle information screens of your new Sony Bundle.
    • The small black plug with the red and yellow braided wire pair needs to be connected to the main wiring harness. 

      OBD2 Plug

Manual Transmission

If you have a manual transmission Jeep and have a factory backup camera, please follow the additional steps listed below:

  • Coming off of the main harness from the back of your Sony radio you will find a length of purple wire attached to the Purple/White wire. This will need to be run behind the dash and down to the passenger kick panel. 
  • Use the provided t-tap to tap into the WHITE/GREY wire in the wiring harness.


First, check the following:
(1) Ensure that all connections are mode between Maestro RR Module and your vehicle connectors.
(2) The Maestro RR may need to be re-flashed with your specific vehicle parameters. To re-flash the module, the module will need to be removed from the vehicle and connected to a computer. Visit idatalink Maestro’s website and click on the green button at the top right of the screen labeled “Flash My Module.”
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