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Highest Quality, Hand-Picked Jeep Parts & Accessories Shipped to Your Door
Highest Quality, Hand-Picked Jeep Parts & Accessories Shipped to Your Door
Sub & Mono Amp Bundle Installation Guide | '18-'23 JL/ '20-'23 JT

Sub & Mono Amp Bundle Installation Guide | '18-'23 JL/ '20-'23 JT

Welcome to your Jeep JL/JT Subwoofer and Mono Amp Bundle Installation Guide. 

The following will walk you through the entire installation which includes a video at the bottom of the page.  

If you have any questions at all, or need anything during the installation, we're only a phone call away and we're available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm est for any support needed, or you can shoot us an email at  

1) Remove Driver Seat- 

  • See video for seat removal process.  Uses T45, T50, or in some instances a 10mm socket to remove the 4 bolts.  
  • Be sure to disconnect the power connection underneath the seat as well. 

2) Route Power and Ground-

  • See video for power and ground routing.  
  • You will route through the fire wall rubber grommet under the driver side footwell area. 

3) Remove Radio, Route Remote Wire, Route RCA's

  • See video for radio removal and wire routing. 
  • Attach the PADC module T-harness to the radio as shown with the PAC module accessible through the glove box area. 
  • Route amp on wire (blue wire with male bullet connector attached)  and the 2-channel RCA wire from under the driver seat, through the center arm rest/ transmission tunnel to the passenger side, and to the back of behind the glove box. 
  • Attach connections per the video to the PAC module.

    4) Mono Amplifier-

    We have fully prepped the amp wires for an easy plug and play installation. All power, ground, remote, and speaker wires have been pre-terminated with ferrule connectors to easily attach to the appropriate ports on the amplifier.  

    • See video for amplifier installation location. 
    • Installation location- under driver seat.
    • Ground, REM, and Power have all been prepped for an easy connection.
      • Ground wire has been prepped with a ferrule connector to slide and fasten into the GROUND port on the amplifier.
      • Amp on wire (blue wire), has been prepped with a ferrule connector to slide and fasten into the REM (AMP ON) port on the amplifier.
      • Power wire has been prepped with a ferrule connector to slide and fasten into the +12V (POWER) port on the amplifier.
    • Adjustments. 
      • Fader- if applicable
        • ON 
      • Input Level-
        • LO
      • Sub Input- if applicable 
        • SUB
      • Sub adjustments-
        • Gain.
          • A good starting position is at 9’oclock. This can be adjusted up or down based on personal preference and music type.  It’s best to adjust gain with volume level set to ¾ high and gradually increase the gain.  Once you notice the speakers sound distorted, back down the gain slightly.  Gain is in relation to volume.  The higher the gain, the higher the volume so the less you’ll need to increase the volume on your radio.
        • X-over Freq.
          • Starting position recommendation is just under 12’oclock.
        • Bass Boost.
          • Adjustment is based on personal preference.

    5) Subwoofer-

    • Install per subwoofer chosen.  

      6) Test the system-

      • Prior to installing all the trim pieces and the seat, you will want to test the system. You will need to set the radio into the place and install the connections at the bottom trim piece to power on the Jeep. 
      • A good measure is to start with the amplifier adjustments as recommended above.
      • Power on the Jeep and ensure that all speakers and the subwoofer (if installed), are reacting. Now is a good time to adjust the gain further if needed. 
        • Adjusting gain-
          • Adjust all of the radio EQ settings to "0
          • Lower the radio volume to "0"
          • Lower all of the gains on the amp to "0"
          • Crossover adjustments can be set to just below half
          • Increase the volume on the radio to 75%
          • Increase the gain knob slowly until you hear a distortion from the speakers.
          • Slightly lower the gain knob and move on the next gain knob (if applicable)
          • You can now use the radio's EQ settings to add a little bit adjustments based on sound preference.
        • Bolt seat down, secure radio, replace trim pieces, etc.



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