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Highest Quality, Hand-Picked Jeep Parts & Accessories Shipped to Your Door
Highest Quality, Hand-Picked Jeep Parts & Accessories Shipped to Your Door

Kicker Powered Down-Firing 12" Enclosure Upgrade | '07-'18 JK Wrangler/ '18-'23 JL Wrangler

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Original price $499.99
$499.99 - $579.97
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Free US Standard Shipping, 60-Day Returns, 2-Year Warranty
FITS: 2007 - 2018 Jeep JK Wrangler & 2018 - 2023 JL Wrangler

Our Kicker Powered Down-Firing 12" Enclosure is a great upgrade to add that extra bit of bump into your Jeep Wrangler!

Installation Guide Here! 

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    Kicker has come through for us in the Jeep world again! Can't fit a Hideaway sub under your passenger seat?  Well Kicker has the solution here with their new release!  Kickers Powered Down-Firing Enclosure will sit easily in the rear bed of your Jeep Wrangler.  

    What is the Down-Firing Enclosure?

    The PTRTP builds on the overwhelming success of our down-firing, thin-profile subwoofer enclosure by adding a signature KICKER amplifier to power it. Sporting a passive radiator and KICKER amplification, this box has been perfectly tuned and engineered from all angles, acoustic and electric, to be the absolute best-sounding, most-efficient, and loudest enclosure possible.

    Amp Kit 47VK8 (needed for all installations):

    • 16GA yellow/gray speaker wire (14 ft.)
    • 2-channel, dual-injection interconnects (16 ft.)
    • Matte red power cable (16.5 ft.)
    • Ring terminal for red cable
    • Nylon mesh loom on red cable (6 ft.)
    • Matte black power cable (2.5 ft.)
    • Ring terminal for black cable
    • Blue remote wire (19 ft.)
    • MANL fuse holder (6/8GA)
    • Nickel-plated MANL fuse (60A)
    • 2-seamed crimp spade terminals (red/blk)
    • 18-22GA red vinyl butt connector
    • 2 18-22GA spade connectors (gray/blk)
    • 6 black cable ties (4 inch)
    • Snap bushing grommet

    KISL harness (needed only for stock head unit application):

    • Don’t have an aftermarket radio? KICKER amplifiers accept a wide range of factory speaker signal. Use the KISL to easily connect factory speaker wires right to your amplifier. No line out converter needed
    • KISL features 16ga speaker wire-to-RCAs and includes Female to Female adapters.

    Connecting to a stock radio/ head unit:

    • Kicker Powered Down-Firing 12" Enclosure
    • Remote bass control with mounting hardware
    • Kicker KISL RCA converter
    • 47VK8 Kit- power, ground, fuse, RCA kit for amp/ sub

    Connecting to an aftermarket radio/ head unit:

    • Kicker Down-firing
    • Remote bass level control
    • Kicker RCA splitter for single or double RCA out head units
    • Kicker 5M RCA extension
    • Pre-terminated in-line fuse holder for easy battery connection
    • Pre-terminated ground wire lead
    • Remote bass control with mounting hardware
    • See below for even more details!

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  • Product Highlights

    The PTRTP combines an active, award-winning CompRT subwoofer, a passive reFLEX sub, and a power-matched, built-in amplifier for an efficient, pounding bass solution for your ride.

    • Compact, factory-tuned enclosure for tight locations to fit many trucks and SUVs
    • Two models available – 12-inch sub with 500-watt amp, or a 10-inch sub with 400-watt amp
    • Amp is built-in and power-matched for hard-hitting bass
    • Easily integrates with factory system
    • Down-firing for ultimate driver protection
    • Thick, tough internal bracing to resist stacking weight
    • Active CompRT Sub matched with passive reFLEX™ sub for extra output
    • Remote bass control included


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  • Specifications

      • RMS power (watts) = 500
      • KickEQ boost = variable to +6dB, centered at 40Hz
      • Crossover = active 12dB/octave, variable 50-120Hz low pass; 12dB/octave, high pass at 25Hz
      • Input sensitivity = Low Level – 125mV-5V; High Level – 1V-40V
      • Size = 14-5/8"(D) x 6-1/2"(H) x 27-1/2"(W)

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